Championship Pairs

Year Winners
2013/2014 Lorraine Waters & Alan Edwards
2012/2013 Lorraine Waters & Alan Edwards
2011/2012 Peter Morgan & Mike Seaver
2010/2011 Peter Morgan & Mike Seaver
2009/2010 Peter Morgan & Mike Seaver
2008/2009 Mike Seaver & Peter Morgan
2007/2008 Mike Seaver & Peter Morgan
2006/2007 Mike Seaver & Peter Morgan
2005/2006 Mike Seaver & Peter Morgan
2004/2005 Kiki Allen & David Allen
2003/2004 Kiki Allen & David Allen
2002/2003 Vin Vachher & Peter Holmans
2001/2002 Kiki Allen & David Allen
2000/2001 Joan Grayer & Ken Everett
1999/2000 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1998/1999 Peter Morgan & Malcolm McBryde
1997/1998 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1996/1997 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1995/1996 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1994/1995 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1993/1994 Philip Wraight & Sally Wraight
1992/1993 Kiki Allen & David Allen
1991/1992 Tony Evans & Annette Evans
1990/1991 Malcolm McBryde & Peter Morgan
1989/1990 Peter Jackson & Vin Vachher
1988/1989 Philip Wraight & Sally Wraight
1987/1988 Bernard Hart & Brian Robinson
1986/1987 Paul Messent & Peter Morgan
1985/1986 Paul Messent & Peter Morgan

Championship Pairs is a ladder event, won by the best total of six percentage scores from 11 heats. Heats are usually held on the third Friday of each month from May to March.


The Championship Pairs trophy is awarded to the pair with the highest total of 6 best qualifying percentage scores. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared.

In order for a score to count towards the trophy, both players in a pair must be members of the club at the time the heat takes place.

Championship Pairs heats are publicised in the club programme. 11 heats shall be played. If it is impossible to play a heat (for example play abandoned due to a power cut) the committee may assign another pairs event to be a qualifying heat.

A minimum of 18 boards must be played in a qualifying heat.