Handicap Pairs for the Alan Ashment Handicap Cup



Autumn 2014

Margaret & Alan Macfarlane

Spring 2014

Jean Davies & Derek Oxbrow

Autumn 2013

Rosanne Mattick & David Larman

Spring 2013

Verity Joubert & Chris Dickman

Autumn 2012

Margaret & Alan Macfarlane

Spring 2012

Alison Lloyd & Peter Cowley

Autumn 2011

Derek Oxbrow & Jean Davies

Spring 2011

Margaret & Derek Sayers

Autumn 2010

David Newman & Kit Orde-Powlett

Spring 2010

Derek Oxbrow & Peter Morgan

Autumn 2009

David Newman & Kit Orde-Powlett

Spring 2009

David Newman & Kit Orde-Powlett

Autumn 2008

Tanawan Watts & Derek Watts

Spring 2008

T.E.D. Shaw & Zona Lacy

Autumn 2007

Peter Morgan & Frank Padgett

Spring 2007

Ken Everett & Joan Grayer

Autumn 2006

Margaret Allen & Margaret Springer

Spring 2006

Queenie Band & Mary Waters

Autumn 2005

Vin Vachher & Bernard Buckley

Spring 2005

Derek Sayers & Margaret Sayers

Autumn 2004

Derek Oxbrow & Audrey Stenner

Spring 2004

Penny Seely & Christine Van Gelderen

Autumn 2003

Alan Ashment & Peter Jackson

Spring 2003

Peter Morgan & Frank Padgett

Autumn 2002

Claire Hutchinson & Derek Oxbrow

Spring 2002

Wendy Bricknell & David Bricknell

Autumn 2001

Ann Aplin & David Larman

Spring 2001

Frank Padgett & Anil Patel

Autumn 2000

Peter Jackson & Alan Ashment

Spring 2000

Peter Morgan & Malcolm McBryde

Autumn 1999

Sybil Attwood & Angela Allin

The Handicap Pairs is held twice a year, usually in October and March. Handicaps are calculated by the scorer from all pairs results since the last Handicap Cup.


The handicap result is obtained by adding the mean (average) of the handicaps for each player to the result obtained from all duplicate pairs competition.

The handicaps are determined by the scorer. The handicap is derived from the pairs results from competitions held since the previous handicap competition.

In order to qualify for the handicap cup, both members of a pair must be members of the club and must have played in at least five of the events from which the handicaps are calculated. Pairs containing players not eligible for the handicap cup may play in the heat.

The Alan Ashment Handicap Cup is awarded to the eligible pair with the highest handicap result. In the event of a tie, the cup will be shared. The winning pair(s) hold the cup until the next time the event takes place.