David Haddock Cup

Year Winner
2013 / 2014 John Pearce
2012 / 2013 John Pearce
2011 / 2012 John Pearce & Darren Cotterell
2010 / 2011 Darren Cotterell
2009 / 2010 Ann Aplin
2008 / 2009 Vin Vachher
2007 / 2008 David Larman
2006 / 2007 Ann Aplin
2005 / 2006 Alan Ashment
2004 / 2005 John Pearce, Vin Vachher, Willie Whybray, Bernard Buckley, Emile Habib
2003 / 2004 John Pearce
2002 / 2003 Alan Ashment
2001 / 2002 David Larman
2000 / 2001 John Pearce

The David Haddock Cup is an annual event awarded to the player who bids and makes the most slams in the season. The Trophy was donated by Kath Haddock in memory of David.

The competition was held for the first time in the 2000/2001 season.


Points are awarded for bidding and making slams. 1 point for a small slam, 3 points for a grand slam. Both players in the partnership get the points - not just declarer.

All duplicate pairs and teams events can count towards the trophy starting from the AGM and ending the week before the next AGM. The New Year Party is excluded.

Points are awarded only to players who are members of the club at the time of each competition.

The trophy is awarded to the player who has the highest points total from all the qualifying events. In the event of a tie, the trophy will be shared.

As contracts are entered into the scoring program the correct allocation of points for slams will be given.

In the unlikely event that the travellers are lost, the event will not count towards the Cup.