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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Monday 11h00 AM
Thursday 11h00 AM


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On Monday, November 19th and Thursday, November 28, we will have a Grand National Team qualifying game. This is Swiss Teams, (team of four), with victory point scoring, 4 rounds of 6 boards each. Contact Mike Konnor to find teammates.

Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) coming in December!

Slow Play: Ideally the game should last three hours....however, lately, the game has been finishing 15 minutes or so beyond that time. There are many ways that everyone can save time during a round. Here are my suggestions:

  1. If you are the opening leader, make your lead before entering the contract or fussing with the Bridge getting a card on the table immediately, the declarer can begin planning the play sooner. If you are the dummy, place your cards on the table after the opening lead in groups rather than one card at a time...
  2. If a hand has taken an inordinate amount of time, please resist the temptation to discuss the hand ...instead, enter the score on the Bridge Mate and flag the hand in your scorecard for a post game discussion.
  3. All of the 'housekeeping' chores should be carried out AFTER one has led or played....try to get the cards on the table first...the bookkeeping can wait.
  4. A board may be pulled by the director for a possible late play or no play, depending on circumstances.

Remember, persistent slow play affects the entire field and throws the game out of synch. 

Thanks all...and I welcome your comments/suggestions.