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This is a challenge site, for challenges in Westchester County.

You may
  -- Propose a new challenge    (Phone or E-mail Brad Calcagni 914 261 3974)
  -- Answer a challenge            (Phone or E-mail the Challenge organizer, name & link below)
  -- Set up a ladder challenge   (Phone or E-mail Brad)

No Masterpoints: fun and profit only. Other stakes ($) are your business.
   (We are applying for sanction, if we can convince ACBL to sanction challenge matches.)
Game will be held at a club or in the house of a player -- your own arrangements.
Format is: Duplicate, IMPs, winner takes all, General convention chart.   

Challenge 1: Killer B's (Deutsch; Baird, Calcagni, Huber, O'Neill, Senft)
   Qualification: All players must have less than 2500 MP- evening or weekends
   E-mail Henry Deutsch:  Dobbs Ferry  or 914 693 4453

Challenge 2:   Make your own challenge
   Does anyone care to organize a "C" level challenge?  an "A" level?
   <<Call or e-mail Brad to set up your own challenge.  He will put the information here.>>


Challenge 3:  You can start a ladder challenge
   Get 4 or more teams together.  Challenge the team above you.  If you win, you move up.
   << Brad will maintain the ladder here.  Call or e-mail to set it up.>>